Is Sonic Lost World fun?

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User Info: helvetiaking

3 years ago#1
I have heard that it got bad reviews but I was wondering if its really that bad. Sonic is one of my favorite game characters of all time and this game looks really fun in my opinion. I just want to know because I have some money saved up and was going to go buy this tomorrow.

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User Info: NovaLevossida

3 years ago#2
I didn't like it. I've played to completion every Sonic game I've picked up (and the only one I haven't played at all is 2k6), and honestly, Lost World was the first one that I just couldn't be bothered to finish. Some of the others are probably worse than Lost World, but I never lost the motivation to continue on like I did with Lost World. I just don't think it's very fun for various reasons when it comes down to it, but it's objectively better built than some of the other titles.
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User Info: Hirokey123

3 years ago#3
It's quite a fun game even though some of the red rings are hellish, and the game itself doesn't have many real inherent flaws. The problem is it doesn't feel like a sonic game if this was a new IP that would have been a better fit, but when you go into a sonic game you expect things like momentum physics and speed platforming and a lot of the time that's not what you get.
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User Info: Dannyson97

3 years ago#4
It's a fun Sonic game, not the best Sonic game but still not bad.
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User Info: SegavsCapcom

3 years ago#5
Dannyson97 posted...
It's a fun Sonic game, not the best Sonic game but still not bad.

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User Info: Lemmywinks13

3 years ago#6
SegavsCapcom posted...
Dannyson97 posted...
It's a fun Sonic game, not the best Sonic game but still not bad.


I heard it got a patch that fixed some of it's issues. I got it for Christmas so I hope I like it. Plus it has Yoshi levels and soon to have Zelda levels. Free dlc. That should be cool.

User Info: The Wheelman1

The Wheelman1
3 years ago#7
Like Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Lost World has mixed reviews.

I liked it, but it reeks of experiments. Could potentially be good with some fine-tuning.
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User Info: DeathSoul2000

3 years ago#8
It's Sonic, so naturally its pretty crap.

User Info: EmbersOfElder

3 years ago#9
It's not that great honestly. People saying its good for a Sonic game is like saying its good for an Adam Sandler movie.

User Info: TheIastspartan

3 years ago#10
DeathSoul2000 posted...
It's Sonic, so naturally its pretty crap.

Generations and Colors say hi.

But yeah, Lost World is meh. I enjoyed it enough to finish it, but I don't see myself ever coming back to it or getting all those goddamn red rings.
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