Will a wii u game burn the fanbase as bad as metroid other m did?

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I really liked Other M. Only played it about a week ago to. I couldn't put it down once I started. Finished it within a week. I found the story to be quite fun. I also liked all the cut scenes, back story and extra characters they added. Usually Metroid games feel too lonely. The game play reminded me of earlier Resident Evil games. I would recommend it to anyone who likes scifi games. I would welcome a sequel.
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GeminiX7 posted...
Other M's only real problem was story. And even that is alittle overblown. I don't like what they did to Samus's character, but it wasn't Drake of the 99Dragons/Superman 64 bad. And the actual gameplay was pretty good. Yes, Super Metroid and the Prime series absolutely blow the game out of the water on all fronts, but I think Other M gets put down way too hard for no reason. They tried to be different, tried to flesh out aspects of the character that weren't touched on too hard before, and kind of flubbed it out. People just treat the game like a flaming heap because:

1. The game's interpretation of Samus didn't match their mental interpretation of her(sorry, spoilers).

2. It's the internet. Some meme/idea/mentality becomes alittle popular and it gets overblown in seconds and becomes dogmatic law for years to come. Everything has to be filed into BEST GAEM EVAR!!!11! or WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!! so Other M was kind of doomed from the start.

no it dont match canon facts about her character she hates to tkae orders never shows fear will charge into danger to save lives will help others at great riskt o her self for no reward that she can do missions that the federation belived impossible ect

those where establisehd facts about her before other M
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The story alone destroys Other M. Yahtzees review was on point and expressed my feelings accordingly.
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GeminiX7 posted...
Yes, Super Metroid and the Prime series absolutely blow the game out of the water on all fronts,

See, that's the thing. Other M would have been 'acceptable' if it wasn't claiming to be a Metroid game. It would still be a bland, lifeless action game that prioritizes empty flash over any sort of substance, but it would be okay. An Average Game. But it claims to be a Metroid game, and it is completely and utterly demolished in the gameplay department by every other Metroid game in existence (Pinball and Hunters don't count) -- even the previously-disliked Fusion, which is now 'pretty good' by comparison.

The story is just terrible. You don't even have to get into whether it does or doesn't treat the character of Samus Aran properly. On the most basic, core level of "does what I'm seeing on screen make any sense", it fails. The Varia Suit scene does not make sense, completely aside from the context and implications. Sector Zero does not make sense, completely aside from the context and implications. The One Infamous Scene That Everyone Talks About does not get any satisfying resolution, completely aside from the context and implications. Strip out the Metroid trappings, make it John/Jane Q. SpaceMarine instead of Samus Aran, and the story would still be an awful mess.