What games are you playing during the snow-ocalypse that begins later today?

#41LinkzellPosted 1/5/2014 9:24:05 AM
It's only supposed to hit 34F on Tuesday as the lowest temp for me in NW Florida. School starts back tomorrow, so sadly, no more gaming for me for some time.

If I do:
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#42Maverick_Reznor(Topic Creator)Posted 1/5/2014 10:35:06 AM
the mayor of Indianapolis just asked businesses to close monday
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#43JobocanPosted 1/5/2014 10:38:53 AM
I'm watching AGDQ, and you should too:

And maybe take some time to donate money for the prevent cancer foundation while you're watching cool speedruns and be in the running for some cool prizes.
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#44player_threePosted 1/5/2014 10:42:00 AM
I'll be outside in the warm sun washing a few cars. Because Southern California!
#45Waluigi_FOREVERPosted 1/5/2014 10:47:17 AM
What is this snow you speak of? Snow isn't real; only a myth. I live in California and I don't think its ever had any snow in the area I'm in.
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#46zoogelioPosted 1/6/2014 4:25:33 AM
It's so cold, Canada is experiencing frost quakes.

It's now as cold in some parts of North America as it is on Mars.
#47Mattatron42Posted 1/6/2014 7:37:19 AM
Right in the middle of the storm in Michigan, I went out and rented Killer is Dead a couple days ago to play during the snow in. I love the presentation so far, but some of the pacing during missions is terrible. I am also going to try and finish FE:A and get a better clear time on VVVVV.
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