i got more play time out of new super mario bros u, than i did super mario 3dw

#1Retroxgamer0Posted 1/16/2014 9:58:22 AM(edited)
it seems like its longer, harder, and has more and better hidden secrets. 3d world is sort of linear in the secrets department. you only can go forward level-to-level. i do think 3d world is more creative and less rehashed though. its more innovative, i just think the game seems easy in comparison and the 3D camera is kind of clumsy at times. i would jump on a goomba and misstep, and get hit, whereas in NSMB U, the only time i dont stomp a goomba it is my fault. 3D mario with that camera view is awkward. i love the cat and flying squirrel powerups almost equally. flying squirrel allows for pro play, of being able to wall cling, glide, and hover from enemy-to-enemy throughout the whole level. also challenge mode brings me back to NSMBU, whereas 3D world, im almost 100% done with all stamps and green stars, and theres no content left to bring me back. NSMBU is naturally longer though, its clocked in more hours going for 100% completion even without challenge mode, and i didnt buy luigi u.
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heres what i mean where i think the flying squirrel allows for some pro play


i also really like cat suit though, it feels so natural for a platformer, i hope that is in every future mario game. i like scaling cliffs. its prob my favorite powerup in mario series, but it doesnt allow much for skilled play, infact it makes the game even easier, especially climbing the flagpole easily, takes away some challenge.