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Help with Downloading Virtual Console games62663/31 3:25PM
The people saying that the leaks are fake are fake themselves!Zellio201463/31 3:19PM
Do you plan to complain to Nintendo if you can't get onto Club Nintendo today?Vyers33/31 3:13PM
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Wait, have they announced miyamoto's new IP yet?UnclePanda93/31 3:06PM
Nintendo Direct Time
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hshamsedin546113/31 3:03PM
So I finally got back into Bayonetta and finished it
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carljenk163/31 2:56PM
Don't expect to see much info on Star Fox, Zelda, or unannounced games tomorrow
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blundermine153/31 2:55PM
What I'm looking forward to in tomorrows direct.BlairBear8633/31 2:47PM
I know the Rayman Legends debacle is old and repeated over and over. But...
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segagamer523/31 2:45PM
Both "leaks" are fake.
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Sakurafanboy123/31 2:30PM
Why Gamecube Virtual Console games are doable but unlikely
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Frankula113/31 2:28PM
I'm hoping Mario Maker will be talked out in ND tomorrow.knightimex33/31 2:18PM
Opinion on Xenoblade Chronicles X? (Poll)
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DarknessLink7163/31 2:15PM
Anyone need a club Nintendo code?
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neogeoftw193/31 2:14PM
Should I get Mario Tennis (N64) from the Virtual Console?a_fartn_Spartan63/31 2:10PM
Nintendo Direct on April 1st...Won't happen.
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HylianSmasher283/31 2:07PM
What's a good Wii U game for $20?
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Bomber_Rocket153/31 2:01PM
C/D: The saddest part about Mario Party 10 is that... (Poll)
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nonexistinghero113/31 2:00PM