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Wish Nintendo would release Virtual Pro Wrestling (wwf no mercy engine) on VCssidiouss43/2 11:12AM
What's the most critically acclaimed and popular game that rarely gets hate on?
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donkeyjack313/2 11:08AM
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Does the Japanese Wii U GC Adapter work on US Wii U?Re-Qliphort43/2 10:59AM
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so how long until Watch Dogs is in the 'bargain bin'?Citan2263/2 10:33AM
Home button/Power button not workingperfectlydark133/2 10:09AM
NA 3DS owners: We're getting our first two CROSS BUY games this week!!!burningxbridges43/2 10:04AM
What do you think of the "Competitive" Smash Bros. community.
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coolguy_23523/2 10:03AM
What's the one game you like but everyone else hates?
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Cyndaquilfan1231533/2 9:58AM
lol @ thinking there is a drought
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Dark_SilverX173/2 9:51AM
What was the first Nintendo game you played?
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FireBeaver173/2 9:50AM
Would Anyone Else Wanna Zelda Game That's Like Mega Man
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SampsonM113/2 9:43AM
$200 Gold Mario Amiibo on Ebay? You dont say!Kainstryder53/2 9:15AM
Pro Controller Rangevico1643/2 9:11AM
How to contest a miiverse post that was deleted by administratoresoteric4233/2 9:10AM
Brand new Wii-U owner, which should I get: DKC TF or Rayman Legends? (Poll)
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TheRushDawg273/2 9:01AM
We need a Paper Mario game that is back to its roots!
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Benify153/2 8:40AM
Is stealth inc 2 any good?X_Ste_90_X43/2 8:33AM
There has to be a new direct this Wednesday.TasmanianTiger793/2 8:13AM