Nintendo stock nosedives on poor Wii U sales

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So it's monday now. It's been Monday for a while in Japan. What's the news?

I won't pretend to be any sort of expert on stocks like everyone else on this board, but the little line going up is a good thing depending on your viewpoint, right?

It went down 6% and they lost 1.3 billion off their market value. Pretty bad.

I... can't tell if you are being serious or not. I take it it's down 6% since Friday? How much has it gone up since then? I swear I'll take the time to learn all this but I'm kinda at work the now.

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But Sony! Therefore it's not bad at all!

Literally becoming that which you hate. Knock it off.
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Thanks Eoin. I kinda guessed that a single day doesn't mean much, although you hear that a lot on the news as well "Oh after announcement X's stocks dropped 15%!" like it somehow means something to the masses and isn't just numbers.

And Rassberry, I don't think we'll be seeing Nintendo games on other platforms yet. I think the 3DS would have to start really tanking for that to happen.
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I won't pretend to be any sort of expert on stocks like everyone else on this board, but the little line going up is a good thing depending on your viewpoint, right?

The graph doesn't make entirely clear what happened to the stocks today. What happened was that the stock immediately fell (as expected) by nearly 20% - this immediate drop isn't shown on the graph - and then rallied during the course of the day. This is fairly standard too - there was no additional bad news today so the initial massive drop was mitigated by people picking up the stock at its lower levels. The recovery from ~18% down to 6.15% down is moderately good. It shows that at the very least, the market has not lost confidence in Nintendo - just that they don't like what they're currently seeing from them.

Even this kind of summary should have disclaimers plastered all over it though: an individual day of trading doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things unless something has gone very badly wrong (or right), and that's not what happened today. What will be important will be to see the market's reaction over the course of the next week, and then the reactions when Nintendo publish earnings figures at the end of the month and Iwata outlines whatever plans he has. The knee-jerk "stock is up"/"stock is down" topics tend to forget that single-day rises and falls are simply how the market works.

We need more people like you posting on these boards.
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There is also a lot of pressure from shareholders to license Nintendo properties like Mario to other game companies.

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Shares are up again.


seriously, I worry for kids like you if Nintendo does go out of console business. This level of Delusion isn't good for Nintendo as a whole.

I am just postig news but no need for insults.
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Nintendo share holders and investors are clearly very unhappy right now.
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Iwata: "Why? Why didn't you buy a Wii U, squatch-san?"

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