Watchdogs For The Wii U Maybe Cancelled

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2 years ago#161
Solis posted...
It doesn't seem extremely likely to me that they'd cancel the Wii U version at this point, it seems like it would have already had a hefty chunk of development time put into it. On the other hand, with how poorly most of their other multiplatform games sold on the Wii U, UBIsoft management might consider finishing it a wasted effort and reassign the people working on the port to help the main team finish up the game (which already needed to be delayed once which hurt the company's financials). So, I can see it either way, but right now I'm guessing that they won't cancel the Wii U version.

There's also the possibility that the Wii U version was put "on hold" while Ubisoft evaluated how their other games on the console fared
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2 years ago#162
We'll just have to wait until Ubisoft gives us an official answer.
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2 years ago#163
Baseless rumor. If true, not a huge loss anyway. I'm so bored of these adolescent power trip games.
2 years ago#164
I doubt it. But if it is, thanks Ubi.
I was planning on buying this version to hold me over til I can buy a PS4 with the game.
With them confirming they're optimizing the game for Wii U and it runs better than PS360 but less than Xbone and PS4, it was my go to version. I refuse to buy for PS360.
2 years ago#165
Sucks, but what can you do ? Post topics over and over and try and get people all riled up? Nah.
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2 years ago#166
Lol, no.
2 years ago#167
Watch Dogs isn't cancelled, it was a retailer glitch.
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