What would you think about a no sales talk rule on the Wii U boards?

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Stupid rule because nobody would follow it.

It won't stop the NDF from bashing sony anyway. They all hate Sony they hated the PS4 and even if the PS4 goes on to sell 50 Million units they will still call it a failure.

That literally never happens.

Stop playing ignorant. And changing people's quotes is probably the lowest form of getting a "point" across.

Stop being so insecure.

Don't bother with Vash, he's SDF

Says the NDF, i have seen vash in many other boards and he is far from a SDF. He is more a pc gamer and fighting game player and i personally play against him on live not psn.

I'm guessing you're his boyfriend too?
-40 degree wind chill for the next two days?