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Love Nintendo, Love my Wii U, but Splatoon?
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BeerOnTap164/23 11:31PM
Nintendo is adding more value to amiibos to justify the purchase. (Closed)
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xXDa-KidXx1074/23 10:52PM
I've never played Super Mario Sunshine...
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Meatballsoup274/23 10:42PM
Nintendo the Wild Card factor @ E3 ???
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gamergeek101224/23 10:32PM
Nintendo should do a marvel comics game with Chloe Wang from Agents of Shieldlordofthenlpple54/23 10:20PM
Favorite Boss From Donkey Kong 64? (Poll)Sid_The_Kid_8774/23 10:12PM
got Zelda 2 as one of final club Nintendo reward
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elsmitty324/23 9:51PM
Tomorrows Xenoblade direct?Trevor_Belmont54/23 9:37PM
Does a demanding amount of skill ever turn you off from a game?Mettagame74/23 9:32PM
Splatoon vector wallpaper for you!NoponIntended94/23 9:08PM
Splatoon amiibo 3-pack available for pre-order at Wal-MartMettagame44/23 9:06PM
Why do people think niche games can't have release dates near popular games?Mettagame94/23 9:04PM
Nintendo are terrible at planning for the future.AdamLazaruso74/23 9:02PM
Just got a Gold Mario Amiibo....Vivi019854/23 9:00PM
So happy with how MK8 DLC is being handledesoteric4294/23 8:51PM
RIP Splatoon? No customizable options.
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EasterEggHunter614/23 8:49PM
I wonder how likely it is that we'll get DLC for Mario Kart 8 and Smash BrosArcanine200914/23 8:47PM
is it just me or is Miiversebigjnyc14/23 8:35PM
I love Nintendo games, I don't like Nintendo. A modern attitude that I hold.
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X_Ste_90_X694/23 8:26PM
Can we at least get an eShop Exclusive Advance Wars f***ing Nintendo?xXDa-KidXx24/23 8:25PM