Gripe letter about lack of third party support...

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Here is my letter I just sent to the customer service center at Nintendo of America. No I am not expecting my letter to change anything. Inertia is a real b*#^&...

Regardless, if you want this system to change and remain viable, let us all form our own gripes and deliver it, here is a link:

I am angry today, it looks like Watchdogs is indeed DOA on the U, posted about it in other topic. Anyways, spread the word and the web link above, send your complaints and solutions, and hopefully if enough of us speak up we can at least be heard. Every other letter I have sent them they have responded too...

To whom it may concern:
I am a gamer.

I have been your customer since 1986 when I got a NES for my birthday. I have supported your products and your systems ever since. I bought the Wii U as a launch purchase thinking that Nintendo was finally going to be growing with me as a gamer and I could consolidate my gaming into a primary console. I have played on the Play Station previously, owning versions 1 through 3 because as I grew up, I wanted more mature games to go along with the Nintendo staple franchises.

The defining moment for me choosing your system was when you had announced at E3 that Bayonetta 2 would be on the U as an exclusive game. I took this to mean that you were going to actively and appropriately court more variety to further expand your base customer.
It is approaching 2 years after you made that announcement, and you still do not have a release date for that title.

I am also extremely alarmed by the persisting rumors that Watchdogs has been cancelled for the Wii U. That is a game like no other that I have been eagerly awaiting a chance to play, and for me if it was to be cancelled I simply would consider that a last straw moment for me.

I have a son and a daughter who I play my Wii U with. My boy plays Skylanders and Lego games, my daughter loves dance party. We play Mario games together as a family. When they go to bed I play Call of Duty, Assassins Creed and Injustice: Gods Among us. I bought this system with expectations that I could have access to the games I want my children growing up with while I play mature games for someone who has grown out of that phase.

I cannot begin to express how disappointed and angry I am with your company that you have not been able to secure Downloadable content or preorder bonus content for either of the Call of Duty Wii U titles, both of which I purchased. I also purchased every CoD title you put of for the Wii, No More Heroes, Monster Hunter and more...

I want to support your system, I want my children to play on it, but I am losing my patience with what appears to be a disconnect with your decision makers and the American consumer. Year over year I have seen the Call of Duty base shrink on your system, the primary reason of this as I see it is because for whatever reasons exist between Nintendo and Activision, you have not been able to work out an agreement to not only SUPPORT the base game with critical patches, but preorder bonuses have not been available nor have we been given access to downloadable content.

This is an absolute death blow to the CoD gamer, something I have stuck by because not only do I like the option to use the motion controls of the Wii-mote, but I absolutely love the off screen game play function.

I see what the sales of these titles look like and notice the lower player counts. The lack of these three critical elements from this game series is killing your consumer base for this and all similarly planned titles. The most common question I see posted on game forums is "Why buy this on Nintendo if they can't get equal support or content?"

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Give me a reason...please...

You need to work this issue out and you need to do it soon. Not just for Call of Duty, but every current gaming title that employs this model of revenue and content. That is what keeps a gamer playing, that is what keeps people on your system.

You as a company, have a major problem that I know you don't need me to tell you about. You have underestimated your consumer and under sold your product. Every game that my kids play outside of Mario World 3D I can play on a competing system. In the case of Skylanders, all I have to do is buy the game, we have the skylander figures...

A viable strategy to aggressively address your issues with the American consumer in particular is as follows:

1) Patch in online game play to your titles like "Mario 3D - World" and NSMBU - you may not want to admit this, but the days of "play dates" to get together and have 4 players in the same room gaming are all but over. Online co-op play is what the American consumer wants and expects, leaving it off is a critical error. All of your future titles need to incorporate this.

2) Subsidize Downloadle Content for Third Party Developers - Every time I hear about how even though Nintendo is losing money, they have a 8 billion dollar war-chest. Take several million dollars of that war chest and fricken go to war!!! Come up with business plans that can secure downloadable content for the games that is either in the form of subsidizing the point of purchase cost to the consumer to let the developers recoup actual costs, or in the case of Call of Duty say a tiered stipend paid directly to the publisher to secure their support until you reach a set number of sales. This will go a long way in convincing your consumer that you understand what you are doing wrong and want to tackle it aggressively and head on.

3) Turn the tables on the talk of releasing your IP on existing mobile devices. If you do that you devalue your brand and further make the consumption of your handhelds and consoles expendable. Instead, find a way to get free versions of angry birds, plants versus zombies, kingdom rush, candy crush etcetera ONTO YOUR DEVICES! Put the casual gamer on notice that you will let them have free to play and micro transactions on your devices, and NEVER the other way around. Advertise your IP through these apps, to be played on the DS and Wii U.

4) Offer a subscription service for the virtual console, such as a 40 to 60 dollar yearly fee that will access your library through the game pad as the virtual console that it should be. Rotate titles often, when the rotation is over offer outright purchase at a discounted rate of the most played games by your consumer.

5) Do not lose third party support. Take an aggressive plan that allows you to, for example, publish a game for Ubisoft that involves an IP you own that you are not currently developing. Say give them the opportunity to create an open world Pokémon game or a new entry into the Star Fox series. Place people who program for you with that development team and learn why PS and MS have been doing so well with gamers who came up on your systems.

Regarding teaching pigs to sing: "It wastes your time and annoys the pig" ~Mark Twain
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6) Sell the Wii U without a game pad in it, as in start selling the "Game Pad" as an optional controller. Give users the option to synch a device like a Galaxy Notebook to perform the functions the game pad screen would do. This will give you the option of a 5 to 10 point touch screen usage and improve performance, it will also give them access to an App that would allow streaming of the VC from the U to that device, obviously tied to your console OS and only your console. You should do this for about $199, with it you need to make all the owners of the Wii who still play it know that by this time next year, you will no longer be allowing streaming of Netflix or other online play to continue, along with discontinuing support of the Wii that does not come from the Wii U menu accessed by a Wii U console. This of course is going to be controversial, but that is why you have a Wii U system available for them for $199, which you can then offer them a discounted year of Netflix, a year subscription to the above mentioned VC service or a Digital copy of a game like NSMBU.

7) Take your case to YouTube. You as a company can court prominent gaming channels with subscriber bases and get your system and its features in front of other gamers via their subscriptions. You can also produce and advertise relatively inexpensively in this way, you need product awareness, title awareness, any discussion about your system other than how poorly it is selling.

Bottom line is you need to move consoles, these are steps that may prove to serve you better than storing them by the millions.

Look, I don't think the U is a "bad" system, and it shouldn't be floundering the way that it is. But it is for decisions and underestimations that have been made and a perception that exists based on biases of players you no longer have.

Do what you can to not lose Watchdogs. Well at least for me, that is going to be the final straw, but other "core" third party series need to survive if you want to keep the gamers who made you what you are. Thank you,


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^ nice work, update if you hear back.
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I thought the cancellation of watchdogs turned out to be a false rumor? It's still on track, isn't it?
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Project Mayhem posted...
I thought the cancellation of watchdogs turned out to be a false rumor? It's still on track, isn't it?

it appears no... is not on the 2014 forecast. Send in your gripes please, the community needs to speak.
Regarding teaching pigs to sing: "It wastes your time and annoys the pig" ~Mark Twain
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Why couldn't you make it more concise? No one will read all that, not even most lurkers here.
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Golden Maven posted...
Why couldn't you make it more concise? No one will read all that, not even most lurkers here.

being lazy and not taking the time to understand is what got Nintendo into the position they are in yes?

I reread my letter, it took me under five minutes. Concise is a matter of opinion, but I invite you with the link above to send your own message...
Regarding teaching pigs to sing: "It wastes your time and annoys the pig" ~Mark Twain
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Project Mayhem posted...
I thought the cancellation of watchdogs turned out to be a false rumor? It's still on track, isn't it?

Nintendo did not list it on the list of upcoming third party games in 2014 in their investor meeting.

I have a hard time believing nintendo forgot about it. The game is either cancelled or coming out in 2015