I would really like it if Nintendo called their next console "Super Nintendo"

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Avirosb posted...
Why mini DVD? They should have used full sized DVDs. This probably would have allowed for games like GTA to be on Nintendo, hate all you wish on Game X, but size DOES matter when you look at it like this.

For one, I happen to like the durability of the mini discs.
Also, I may be mistaken but to my experience, GC games loaded faster than that other console which shan't be named. Dunno about that other other console tho.

You must like smaller games too, then? The Gamecube missed key support because of mini discs, among other serious reasons, but not having the same capacity as the competition is never good.

Faster loading won't make up for more years of missed content included in games, and devs well gladly skip a console before they gimp all versions of a game, which might hinder sales.
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Mega Nintendo would be cooler =P
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chex81 posted...
Mega Nintendo would be cooler =P

That would be cool but with the Megadrive Megatron that might be difficult.
With that out the next thing along those lines I want to see is a Super Prime Optimus Prime.

Oh, and before anyone asks the Megadrive Megatron is a Sega Mega Drive that transforms into Megatron. Google it, its awesome!
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when it comes to performance, cartridges have always been and will always been far superior than CD/DVD/betamax 2: the electric bloo ray