Nintendo has a soul and I support them

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Stop white knighting corporations. They have paid PR people to do that for them.

Have they?
Yet we, who love games, treat companies as soccer clubs and pretend to defend by writing massive arguments against trolls. You can't argue with trolls, can you?

Thing is, neutral or positive posts don't get continuation except when there is something to fight over. And normally that is started guessed...trolls

So...public opinion about the wiiu will better as long as we speak only about the good things it has. I want the wiiu to succeed, I want games

Today alone i have seen more arguing started by the "regulars" who are constantly calling others trolls or ponies

Yep, I'm on a troll hunt and you sir are one of those. Go play your sony games and never come back. I also have a ps3 and I don't go there trolling

Good job showing why this board is in a terrible state.
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