A game you really want,but have never heard anyone else ask for.

#91limkin900Posted 2/7/2014 9:06:31 AM
A sequel/ spiritual successor to Magical Pop 'n.


.....I don't think anyone even knows what this is.
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#92Overlord HikashPosted 2/7/2014 9:11:51 AM
Gotcha Force 2
Another Azure Dreams
Another Act Raiser
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#93thepixelgardenPosted 2/7/2014 2:41:03 PM
waywardSavior posted...
I would really like to see katamari damacy on wii u. is that too much to ask?

Makin' me want game I didn't even know I wanted.
#94GeOstylePosted 2/8/2014 5:04:18 AM
Team buddies 2
metal storm 2
hagane re release
and a super mario bros beat em up.
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#95RobotPirteGhostPosted 2/8/2014 5:22:11 AM(edited)
Super Bowser RPG (Wii U or 3DS) - a Strategy RPG with Bowser and his army as units.

Dungeon Keeper (3DS) - Either a remake of DK2 or a new game. I really want a traditional DK game after playing the iOS version.
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