What game for Wii U are you most looking forward too?

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Mine would be X and Super Smash Brothers.
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The games I was most looking forward to are already out (Wind Waker, Super Mario 3D World).

I'm not super excited about Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze or Mario Kart. But I'll still buy them. And since no new Wii U zelda has been officially announced there's no use getting excited about something that might not come. (If the Wii U really tanks this year, I expect they'll just save the Zelda currently in development for their next system).

I'm a lot less excited about the new Smash Brothers game now that I know that it's not going to have a story mode, and that it's going to be harder.
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Justice98405 posted...
Bayonetta 2, for sure.

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Yarn Yoshi.
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Bayonetta 2

The first one was the best action game last gen.
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