DKCTF got a 9.25/10...

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Bahamut_10th posted...
LoS 2 got 6/10.


Let those stupid wannabe-cowboy fatsoes from Mercury Steam have their last Crapvania be regarded as crap by the reviewers too.

LOS was an average god of war clone but a terrible castlevania game. Never been a fan of the 3d castlevanias but the ps2 game was pretty good. Better than LOS.
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Kind of disappointed. I was hoping both games would be good. To be fair though, LoS1 was reviewed somewhat harshly as well and I genuinely enjoyed that game.
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To be fair I don't trust any reviewer at all, since they haven't even studied game design fundamentals to know how to judge games at all, or put their personal tastes aside and evaluate games based on their target audience. (EVERY game has one, and one audience in mind alone. Game Design basics.)

It's plain stupid to bash Famitsu as they actually judge games based on their audience. Not to mention the people behind are actually GAME DESIGNERS not some nerds who think playing a lot makes them understand what makes a game good or bad.

But I hate LoS as it's the reason I haven't gotten neither real classic vania or metroid vania for that matter, and am sort of glad it's getting a bad score.
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Lvthn posted...
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Lvthn posted...
Isn't that site well known for a very strong pro-Nintendo bias?

Not saying DKCTF will be bad, but...are the reviews really fair? More interested in what mainstream sites will say, not that I expect it will be especially low.

The only reviewer that I trust is Mark from Classic Game Room.

I don't trust any one reviewer, but the aggregate of mainstream reviews is usually a decent reflection of general public opinion. Only reason I brought it up; if you pick single reviews you can find a 9/10 for almost every game ever made that wasn't a complete raging turd.

True, after all they're opinions. I've seen games that I loved(W101, Sonic Lost World, NieR etc) get low ratings.
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Tangentially, I also thought LoS was alright. Castlevania has been experimental all along so that doesn't bother me, and the mood was captured well enough. Certainly exceeds the disastrous N64 attempts at 3D Castlevania.
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Are people really considering this a bad score? *facepalm*
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Poweranimals posted...
Are people really considering this a bad score? *facepalm*

Nothing beats the GTA V outrage if you didn't give it a perfect 10/10.
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I'm buying it.

Already played it. This game is definitely maybe a 5/10 at best. Horrid controls, bad graphics and awful story

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That's it?
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