The Wii U currently has a userbase of close to 6 million units sold, correct?

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Wii U has close to 6 million SHIPPED. They have not disclosed as of yet what the actual sell through is out of the close to 6 million.
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EsperValkyrie posted...
I would be more likely to buy third party games on my wii u if they weren't going to be unsupported after launch. If DLC and additional content isn't going to even be considered for the wii u why should I bother buying incomplete games. There really isn't a reason why assassins creed DLC wasn't ever going to be on the wii u aside from the fact that Ubisoft didn't want to bother. If any of the third parties offered the same support that the other consoles got, then maybe more people would buy the wii u or buy third party games for it. You can't just say oh third party games don't sell at all without actually releasing them in the same state as they get released on the competition

Pretty much this

Most people that wanted the game own something else it could be played on.
Why would they buy the Wii U stripped down edition that was announced would have no support months before by ubisoft if they want the full experience? Its not like Ubi said hey since were not gonna support it, and give the full experience we'll knock off $10-20 off the price tag. Instead they said were not going to supporting it so pay full price anyways, and be happy we even bother.

Every 3rd party has done this, and act surprised at the poor sales.
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I seriously doubt there are 6 million units sold.

There are likely millions of units sitting in warehouses all over the world unsold.
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