Compare each if the newest consoles to a lover in a relationship

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Wii U is the girl nobody wants to date and if you somehow find yourself with her as the result of a weak moment or pity you know its not going to last long anyway.
Man at this rate I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Iwata committed sudoku on himself
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Wii U - Deeply religious girl who won't put out no matter how hard I try, and I don't think it will get better after marriage. At least she's clean.
XBone - Her facebook was recently plastered with talk about a sugar daddy and "robbing that sucka blind." That's been taken down now and she says that was just a phase, but I'm not convinced this is a good idea...and she has a criminal record.
PS4 - 30+ professional woman who just got a good job. Has to pay off some student loans, but seems stable, still very attractive, isn't making any weird threats, shares my interests.
PC - Traditional Chinese wife who does whatever she's asked, often without me even asking, sometimes unintentionally makes me feel guilty for how hard she works. Shockingly low maintenance and has no idea how good she actually looks so when I give her a bit of money she's really appreciative and treats me like a king.
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dancing_cactuar posted...

I remember when the "Always Online" DRM fiasco was at it's peak many people on Facebook where tossing around comparisons about how Microsoft is like an abusive boyfriend. I didn't take any screencaps unfortunately.
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WeAllAsked4This posted...
PS4 is the popular girl. When it comes to spending money on her she's not too expensive but not too cheap, and she's not the most beautiful but she's damn close. People say she's smart and even ambitious so she has a lot of admirers but they can get a bit too protective.

Xbox One is that sexy misunderstood girl who came from a rich family but since all the other girls were jealous of her wealth they spread rumors that she was a slut and drug addict. Sure she might have done a few wild things in college but she's not as bad as most people say.

Wii U is like a classy older woman who isn't afraid to aim for younger men (like a cougar) but she can be really stubborn about changing her traditional outlook on life. She's not an expensive date and sometimes she'll try to be fun and quirky but for some reason she still has trouble keeping a long-term relationship alive. She also has an adorable little sister who gets much more attention than her.

PC is the kind of girl that will drain all your cash but if you can afford her you'll say she is worth it. She's gorgeous, loyal, and will treat you like a king as long as you're willing to buy her something fancy every couple months.

Nailed it. 11/10
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OCGRafael posted...
and PC is a strong independent black woman

It is amazing how people some people can't handle that others have different taste and ideals, did they not learn anything from Gen 5 of Pokemon?
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Kromlech06 posted...
This is EERILY accurate, and only gets more accurate the more you play into the stereotype.


I like to imagine if PC were real she would look like this

Lugoves posted...
Well, I'm selling my PC now I guess.

What's the matter, can't handle a REAL woman?
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Wii U = old high school girlfriend. She was hot in her teens, but now that she's over 30, her looks have faded.

PS4 = super kawaiii Japanese girl desu

XB1 = fat burger eating swine
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Lugoves posted...
OCGRafael posted...
and PC is a strong independent black woman

Well, I'm selling my PC now I guess. that racist?
The only decent thing to come out of the console wars are the funny photoshop pics
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I wouldn't date a PC because she would make me develop an inferiority complex, what with its 4k graphics and all.

The Wii U would be too immature for me to date.

The Xbone would be unattractive as I don't find overweight women attractive.

The Ps4 would be perfect. The woman of my dreams.
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Lugoves posted...
OCGRafael posted...
and PC is a strong independent black woman

Well, I'm selling my PC now I guess.

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