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2 years ago#1
I really don't know much about the game, but a first person Action game with RPG elements, lots of freedom and a choice between stealth hand action sounds pretty promising.

I'm somewhat concerned about how permanent the decisions make may turn out. If i opt for stealth early on, would i still be able to grind to get bettet at the action aspect and the other way around?

How is the structure? Is there a linear main quest and optional sidequests that i enter from a city hub or is it all linear with branching paths, or is it completely open?
No More Heroes
2 years ago#2
I pretty much opted for stealth the entire way, so I can't really answer your first question. Without going into spoilers, there is a point about three quarters of the way through the game where you can re-distribute your upgrade points. As far as I can tell, most augments are related to stealth, so it probably wouldn't be too daunting if you wanted to switch halfway through or something, especially since you will probably have lots of weapons and ammo regardless of which playstyle you follow.

The structure is that you have a main objective and then there are various side objectives that you get in the hubs. The hubs are generally open, but not to an intimidating degree, so getting around isn't too bad. You'll go through points in the game where you'll be prompted to leave a hub and any of the sidequests that you got during your time in that hub will no longer be active (the game will warn you when sidequests will be terminated though).

I hope that answers your questions. It's a pretty good game, I'd recommend it.
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2 years ago#3
I originally played the game on the 360 and I loved it. I generally don't like stealth games, but I found that going the stealth route in Deus Ex was the most fun and most rewarding was to go. It was still fun to take more of an action route in my second playthrough (using the Typhoon is pretty cool), but I preferred stealth.

My favorite parts of the game are when you get to play around in the relatively open city areas in Detroit and Shanghai. It's not a true open world game, but there is a lot of stuff to do and things to find.
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2 years ago#4
I don't want to mess up your perception of the game, but the stealth/action dichotomy comes down to a small handful of key praxis choices, and no more, and the game provides enough xp opportunities to be good at pretty much anything.

A run-and-gun style is never a good idea, regardless; the "action" build is still a gun-and-cover style.

If you want to do more brawling, all you need is dermal armor (you should get this regardless), double takedown (also good for stealth), and recoil reduction (necessary for the bigger guns).

Also, without spoiling it, late game you will have an opportunity for a full respec (if you really need it - you shouldn't unless you made some derp choices) and quite a bit of extra praxis.

Note that this game gives bonus xp for being undetected and for using nonlethal force, and for using double takedowns, so xp tends to even out fairly well as long as you do things like hack available terminals and fully explore areas.
2 years ago#5
Sounds very good except for having no ability to go back to older hubs to do sidequests.

I guess i'll buy it, but it's still 40 here in Germany.

I recently picked up the VERY hyped Arkham City and while it's indeed a great Batman experience, i'm still kind of glad i waited till it was down to 20.

Another question:

Will i have to deal with many puzzles?
I like pure puzzle/adventure games, but in games with action i often feel being stuck at puzzles can break the flow.
No More Heroes
2 years ago#6
The extent of "puzzles" is of the stealth variety - as in, how do I get through this area without dying? The hacking minigame is hardly a puzzle, and nothing else really like that.

Just throwing this out there, this game is pretty cheap on Steam if that's an option for you.

Overall I give this game 9.3/10, I consider it an absolute must play. By far one of the more thought provoking games to be made in the last several years.
2 years ago#7
I really enjoyed Deus Ex HR on the 360 so I bought the Wii U version also.

I love the setting, the characters, the story.... it's a really great game. The skill tree is as confining as you want it to be. Early on in the game you can murder everyone and then later opt for stealth... you can incapacitate guys without killing them for bonuses... there's no set way to play and you're more than likely to mix it up quite a bit on your first (couple) of playthroughs. The game is difficult, so unless you're opting for one of the crazy achievements (complete the game without alerting anyone) you're going to use whatever works. IMO the game is better in subsequent playthroughs when you're trying to do everything flawlessly with no civilian casualties.

The Director's Cut version on Wii U is the one to get. The extra content flows seamlessly into the total game and the boss fights have been re-worked.
2 years ago#8
The boss fights are pretty stupid for the type of game it is.
2 years ago#9
lunchbox2042 posted...
The boss fights are pretty stupid for the type of game it is.

Director's Cut changes this to an extent.
2 years ago#10
I might recommend renting it first. I loved the original, and at first I thought the Gamepad functionality was cool, but the more I played the game the more I grew to dislike always having to switch my attention between the Gamepad and the TV. Deus Ex is a very immersive game, and for me the need to regularly change my focus only served to completely break that immersion. For you it could have the opposite effect--the Gamepad might make you feel even more connected to the game somehow. But for me, it kind of killed the experience, and the game doesn't appear to have Pro Controller support. Just something to think about.
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