Talking on Miiverse makes me feel... awkward. Is everyone on it six years old?

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There's always XBL, where everyone is 12 and racist.
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Lol. He is almost as good as that JackFilms guy.

False advertising. Jacksfilms is brilliant, this kid is as obnoxious as he is ugly.
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Honestly, I may see some dumb stuff on miiverse, but after being on Tumblr, miiverse looks like works of Shakespeare in comparison.
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Honesty who uses consoles for serious discussions? We have gaming forums, it's like going to Youtube for serious discussions.
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It shows the audience those games (AC4, etc) REALLY target.

I check Rolling Western, KI:U, MH3U, communities and while there are always a few baby-brain posters anywhere (not just Miiverse) I can't really say I notice an abundance of posts like the one TC quotes.

More like shows the audience the Wii U REALLY target.

Miiverse is full of children, delusional Nintendo fanboys, and the occasional sensible person.

Its cute how your blind hate made you this ignorant.

Or maybe you're just mad you can't post negative articles on there?
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don't know why you'd feel awkward, you know you are posting this very same thread on gameFAQs, right?
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Wait. So you don't feel just as awkward with all of the immature nonsense being posted daily here on gamefaqs? What gaming community isn't overrun by kids?
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TrueBlue91 posted...
Judging by how only the hardcore Nintendo fans have bought this system... yes. 6 years maximum.

Trollin around at the speed of sound...
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So its like DoubleStandardsFAQs. But with mods.
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Baha05 posted...
Honesty who uses consoles for serious discussions? We have gaming forums, it's like going to Youtube for serious discussions.

mcsmellington posted...

To answer your question though, I wouldn't use Miiverse for a proper discussion - partly because of the character limit, and partly because of the type of people that use it for actual discussions tends to be kids or weirdos.

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