Is the wii u the only next gen system with limited demos?

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yeah I think that is completely different, I fact I think that the full game trial is alot more generous than a demo, although I am yet to use this feature.

I used it once, it's kind of rare compared to the regular demos. Of course, for a lot of digital games on PSN, the 'purchase' of the game is just an unlock patch for the demo.

What are the Nintendo demos like? Can't say I've seen how one works.
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Cmon guys! The purpose of a demo is to... ok, ok... there is no way i can make that feature look good /walk away from the topic.

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Most demos are also region free. I just downloaded the Yakuza demo from the JPN store yesterday for the PS4. I have aslo played demos from the EU and HK stored too. But I think the only region locked demo that I've run across was the MG Rising demo.

Is there a ps3 Yakuza demo?

This is a PS4 games so, no. Not for this one. I was told that it's Yakuza. I'll have to make sure.
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PS+ had limited full game demos on the PS3. Basically you get an hour of gameplay of the full game.

With Playstation Now, they might do something like that on the PS4 using Now streaming.

yeah I think that is completely different, I fact I think that the full game trial is alot more generous than a demo, although I am yet to use this feature.

Yeah it's sort of cool but I could never bring myself to download files that big for something I could only use for an hour. Demos last forever, and I keep ones I like for games I didn't get yet. To download a trial it would have to be something I already really want.

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No. Nintendo is the only one that does limited demos, and it's f***Ing stupid.

False. But you can't acknowledge what others do if you want to make Nintendo look bad, right?

Who else does?

Off the top of my head the PS3 sonic generations demo was 6 uses.
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Wasn't that just the version before the game was released? I don't think the post-release version has a limit (I know the Xbox 360 version doesn't). Anyway stuff like that on other systems rarely happens while every single demo on the Wii U has limits.
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I've had a PS3 since 2008. I have seen a grand total of 2 demos do that on the PS3. Sonic Generations and Uno. Otherwise, there were no limits whatsoever. It's a stupid idea. It was dumb to do it on those two games and it's dumb to do it on the Wii U.

My friend who traded in her Wii U (her first gaming system since the NES) for a PS3 was amazed that she could just keep a demo as long as she wanted. I hadn't even heard of the Wii U doing that until she told me about it.
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