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Nintendo WFC is being shut down because of GLU Mobile.

#1MegagunstarmanPosted 2/27/2014 8:17:39 PM
So I saw this posted on neogaf.

Originally Posted by BumFrenzy of Reddit

This is because Wii and DS online are using Gamespy technology for their matchmaking service.

Unfortunately, Gamespy matchmaking was bought by Glu Mobile in August 2012. A bunch of games suddenly lost multiplayer matchmaking (Star Wars: Battlefront, Sniper Elite, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Neverwinter Nights, etc.) without any notice. I imagine that Nintendo had contracts in place that made sure they couldn't shut down service until the contract had completed. My guess would be that Glu Mobile wanted to stop supporting Nintendo ASAP. I really doubt Nintendo would electively shut down service for Wii and DS unless they really had to.

Not sure if this has been mentioned here but I saw it on Reddit.

Didn't double check it because I'm lazy but this would be a pretty legitimate excuse if true.

I decided to double check it and it turns out to be true.

GameSpy is the default multiplayer middleware and backend services provider for both the Wii and DS platforms. Nintendo have provided standardized online multiplayer functionality the form of the 'DWC' wrapper class around our SDKs. Access to the DWC is available through your Nintendo account rep and comes at no extra licensing charge to you.

Upon request from Nintendo, GameSpy will set up title specific access to our backend and Nintendo will manage all support for DWC issues to licensees via

Developers and publishers can still license additional SDKs not incorporated into the DWC directly from GameSpy. Typically, this would be our Sake and ATLAS SDKs for advanced persistent storage and stats tracking/leaderboard functionality. Basic ranking functionality is offered through the DWC already; contact your account manager for details on that functionality.

And with the recent sale of gamespy to GLU moble, online services using gamespy have been getting shut down.

Seeing as how most Wii and DS games can't be patched, this can't be fixed.
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#2omniryuPosted 2/27/2014 9:44:22 PM
Why is it when there is a logical topic full of facts everybody ignore?
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#3_Candice_Posted 2/27/2014 9:55:26 PM
Isnt it mostly p2p though?
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#4Stanger5150Posted 2/27/2014 9:55:50 PM
omniryu posted...
Why is it when there is a logical topic full of facts everybody ignore?


It's really annoying.
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#5CranberryPSOPosted 2/27/2014 9:56:51 PM
I agree. Thanks to the TC for posting this and giving the information.
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#6wugeezyPosted 2/27/2014 9:58:40 PM
Yes this was informative but because it doesn't start a flame war it won't get many responses.

Thanks for the info though tc.
#7SpookyryuPosted 2/27/2014 10:05:53 PM
wugeezy posted...
Yes this was informative but because it doesn't start a flame war it won't get many responses.

Thanks for the info though tc.

Indeed, actually is funny because all the trolls cannot keep the trolling about nintendo being greedy and all that stuff, but is pretty interesting the true about this shut down, thanks TC
#8omniryuPosted 2/27/2014 10:08:45 PM
_Candice_ posted...
Isnt it mostly p2p though?

It had leaderboad service and I think it handle the DLC.
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#9Xenesis XenonPosted 2/27/2014 10:09:09 PM
I completely forgot that happened. Makes sense, though.

GLU Mobile hasn't exactly been good Samaritans about all of these old multiplayer communities and GameSpy's old userbase.
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#10SpookyryuPosted 2/27/2014 10:41:21 PM