Wind waker or tropical freeze

#11pedigreehhh1088Posted 3/1/2014 9:26:14 PM
They're both amazing games, but Wind Waker is a much more satisfying experience. It is also a much longer game as DK can be beat in about 5 hours depending on how much of the extra stuff you do (puzzle pieces kong letters). Wind Waker is at least 10-12 hours long and if you do all the extra stuff probably over 18 hours long plus the enhanced gameplay (gamepad screen for items without pausing, swift sail, improved triforce quest, hero mode) make it all worth it. I'd say both games are great buys at $50 and if possible get both. Like I said Wind Waker will last longer and in my opinion is one of the better Zelda titles while DKC:TF is a fun solid platformer which won't last very long, but does have great replay value.