Is it possible to do a full system wipe and then re-download any previous games?

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2 years ago#1

I bought a Wii U (32gb) from someone on Craigslist. He had 3 accounts on it but I soon found I couldn't delete them without their passwords because they each had NNIDs attached. Went ahead and made my own account on the system and linked my NNID from my 3DS. Now I see while changing some settings that there was a full system wipe available. Before I do this though I have some questions:

1) Can I utilize this wipe to remove those accounts?

2) Will I be able to re-download the 20ish eShop games that were on the system with my own NNID?

3) Will I be able to re-link my NNID?

4) Will it allow me to get the 160 play coins on Club Nintendo? Not sure if they made use of this option or not.

5) Is there any way to backup Wii saves? Fiance is playing Twilight Princess right now (and enjoying the upscaling!) and want to make sure he won't lose his progress if I do this wipe.

I looked around the forums but couldn't find some direct answers. Thanks in advance!
2 years ago#2
1) The Delete All Content and Settings option will unlink all NNIDs that are currently linked to the console without needing their passwords (unlike the 3DS).

2) This ties in with 3, so I'll get them both here. You can re-link your NNID, though you need the NNID itself (duh), the password (duh), and the email address that you used when registering. Once you do this, you can redownload all of the games that were purchased by your NNID. You will not be able to redownload your purchased games before relinking the NNID. I don't know if this applies to Wii Shop Channel purchases or not (you'll be able to redownload them, but I don't know if the NNID relinking must be done first or not).

4) If the system was already registered on Club Nintendo, the Delete All Content and Settings option will not enable the play coins for it to be given to a different account.

5) You can backup most Wii game saves to a SD card. Most online games will not allow their save data to be copied to the SD card (though some exceptions exist, but any data directly associated with WFC will not be copied in those instances). VC games that utilize the suspend save feature (all games except N64 and Neo Geo) will block copying of that to the SD card, so VC games without actual save systems can't be copied at all.

Beware that there are some cases where games have hidden online modes that will cause their save data to be copy protected (World of Goo comes to mind here).
2 years ago#3
Thanks for the quick response!

So I should probably just ignore the full system wipe in order to keep the 20ish games then? A good chunk of them are ones I'd like to keep like MH3U, the Zeldas and Earthbound.
2 years ago#4
Pretty much. If it wasn't your NNID that purchased it (despite what people claim, digital games are actually tied to the accounts. It's just that the accounts can't be linked to other systems at this time), wiping the system will remove your access unless you have all the necessary details to link the other NNIDs.
2 years ago#5
Upscaling in twilight princess???
Vegeta trolls Frieza:
2 years ago#6
The Wii U will always output at the resolution chosen in the system settings, even in Wii Mode. So if your system is set to 1080p, it will always be running at that settings. This is probably necessary since the system doesn't support 480i over HDMI, but a small number of Wii games are 480i only. This results in games not supporting the chosen resolution being upscaled to it.

If you are using a TV that makes it clear which resolution it is displaying at (not all TVs do this), you won't see it suddenly changing to 480p/480i when going to Wii Mode, because the Wii U isn't doing that.
2 years ago#7
Ah ok thanks.

I did get in touch with the seller and they're going to change the passwords for me to delete them. Will I still have access to the games using this method?
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