It's time we get a real Metroid game again!!

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dormcaste posted...

You could say the same about Metroid Fusion.

I don't recall Fusion just randomly throwing me into first person view and expect me to just find and scan some random item without even telling me anything as to what I am doing in first person view.
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Dr_Kain posted...
Not that Other M bs, I want a real Metroid again. I don't care if it is a 2D side scroller or another Prime-like game, I just want a new one that has phenomenal music, great controls, makes great use of the gamepad (also has the option for Wii remote), and most of all, focuses on exploration over combat.

splashinkarp posted...
What defines a real Metroid game? .

My point exactly.
Other M was a real Metroid game. Just like Sonic '06 was a real Sonic game. They just weren't' liked by their respective fanbases, although the latter example is a much worse game. I enjoyed Other M over Prime: Hunters and the pinball game.

In response though.....I'm not sure I like the new style of HD sprites, used in games such as Bastion, Odin Sphere, etc. I prefer the actual pixelated ones found in Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, and many many other games from those eras.

So......yeah, another 2D metroid or Prime would be great. Hopefully though we can use the controller, Prime 3 annoyed me with the use of the Wii mote.
Oh, for a new 'proper' Shining Force..and a new Panel de Pon game and a new english release of Puyo Puyo....
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Sorry, but they stopped making Sonic games during the Dreamcast era.

And after playing Prime 1 and currently in 2 for the Wii, I would rather use a Wii remote than a controller unless they MAJORLY overhaul the analog sticks because trying to move around on an enemy that could not be auto locked on properly in Prime 2 was nothing short of annoying.
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Other M failed as a metroid game simply because it took out the core aspects of the series, which imo are exploration and isolation, when you've got adam breathing down your neck all the time giving you commands, it really ruins the immersion.

Even fusion, which is the most linear metroid next to other M, just told you " go here" and let you figure out how to get there, and it still had great atmosphere and a feel of isolation.
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xXDa-KidXx posted...
Other M was a great game.

Great Gameplay.
Badass Samus.
Good Exploration.
Ok story, could of been better but nothing detrimental to the series or character that can't be fixed.

Sounds good.
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AMG posted...
My dream Metroid game would basically be Super Metroid on a massive scale. Just think about how huge and beautiful the world could be. The gamepad would be great for weapon, suit and map management.

A good game's a good game, so why do we have console wars?