Next Nintendo Console?

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insert new gimmick here-Nins next console
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Wii U's gamefad is a "tablet-like" device that's non-portable, which renders it's gimmick ineffective from the start.

I would like to present you to this person:

How practical.
The HUD...
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It will all depend on if Nintendo reaches out to the major third parties and ask them what they want in the console. Nintendo has to get their feedback, and include them if they hope for any support outside of indies.
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Who the hell knows, or cares? We are only a year and four months into this Nintendo console.
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Nintendo will announce the Z-Box and give us the FPS Mario and GTA Zelda we all deserve
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Ahnold doosh is the most delusional person on the board, he's a rager too so watch out
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crucial posted...
insert new gimmick here-Nins next console