If Nintendo fans don't buy 3rd party games, why will they buy indie games?

#1Zellio2014Posted 3/5/2014 12:58:18 PM
I bet this 'put indie games on the Wii U' craze will be dead in a year.
#2sharinaginPosted 3/5/2014 12:58:56 PM
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#3NovaLevossidaPosted 3/5/2014 1:02:19 PM
Indie games are just smaller third party games. I'm genuinely curious to see how they perform on the Wii U, but outside of exclusives, I imagine they'll fall off the radar in due time.
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#4SyCo_VeNoMPosted 3/5/2014 1:03:04 PM
The indy games I've played so far I've had way more fun then anything I've played from ubi, EA, or activision in years (well outside AC2 from ubi that I think was just an anomaly).
I will grant you some are pretty poor(but hey the big boys do it too), but a good pile of others are pretty well put together, and are fun to play like games of the past.
#5TerotrousPosted 3/5/2014 1:04:01 PM
They're closer to the kinds of games the Nintendo audience wants. Nintendo gamers may not care about stuff like Call of Duty, but they like 3D Platformers, so A Hat in Time is a better fit for them.
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#6Tempest717Posted 3/5/2014 1:04:07 PM
Indies are the only 3rd parties still supporting the Wii U.
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#7JonbazookabozPosted 3/5/2014 1:05:17 PM
The developers get more money and control of their product on wii u so yes i will be supporting them. Plain and simple
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#8ThunderPotatoPosted 3/5/2014 1:08:31 PM
I buy Indie games, but picking the few good ones out of the majority is tiring sometimes.
Only problem with me purchasing them on console is that they can be had for very cheap on PC (humble bundles and the like)
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#9arvilinoPosted 3/5/2014 1:17:33 PM(edited)
Zellio2014 posted...
I bet this 'put indie games on the Wii U' craze will be dead in a year.

They're cheaper and because the indies have a lower budget the games tend to be more about the core gameplay ideas.

Also some of them on 3DS like Mutant Mudds or Gunman Clive actually sell better than on steam, mobiles and/or tablets for example.
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#10stargazer64Posted 3/5/2014 1:20:59 PM
1) Cheaper

2) Typically they aren't inferior to versions found elsewhere, and the devs actually put effort in to make sure of this.

3) Nintendo fans do buy third party games. Most of the time when a third party game sells badly there are reasons (niche title, delayed for no reason, released months or years after other versions, worse online, no DLC, worse performance, etc).
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