Anyone else saving themselves for Watch Dogs Wii U version? Take the pledge here

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Ubisoft lost all further sales from me the second they decided to not delay the other versions to match the Wii U.

If they can do it for Rayman, they should have done it for this.

good games are good games, forming some silly opinion based on how a company needs to put resources where their bills are paid should somehow disqualify their efforts to get you a game to play, late or not is by definition a first world problem...

you have lost your right to complain about third party support.

This entire BOARD is pretty much the definition of first world problems. "Wah, trolls. Wah, drones. Wah, ponies. Wah, no games. Wah, flop"

Hell, 90% of GameFAQs (And message boards in general) is about first world problems.

Even THIS post is about a first world problem ("Wah, this guy only points out one fish in a lake of first world problems and acts like it means something.")
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Glad to see there are a few actual Nintendo fans left on this board.
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