watch dogs was going to be my next 3rd party title on wii u...

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2 years ago#1
Until I found out that its not going to be done by the same team.

Granted this leaves a small chance for the wii u version to one up the 360 and ps3 versions.

But id bet my epeen that its going to once again run poorer than even those 7 year old machines and possibly even have less going on in the city/on screen.
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2 years ago#2
Of course, if/when it doesn't perform as well as the other versions, it can only be down the hardware.
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2 years ago#3
At least you'll have the benefit of time to know if the game is worth buying or not. I'm not buying the game launch day for that reason.
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2 years ago#4
What exactly are you betting your epeen on? Just on a random guess?

This board is the worst.
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2 years ago#5

Yes that is an old article (as shown by the supposed-to-be release date) but your question wasn't about that.
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2 years ago#6
Sirian_Hawk posted...

neoGAF and dualshockers are the only credible sources around here, get out
2 years ago#7
But he didnt mention what was superior. Is he just referring to the gamepad? He could simply mean it appears to run like the current gen but with the second screen functionality. He doesnt mention graphics or performance just "version standpoint" which is very arbitrary. Also this was at a certain point in development and does not take into account any performance related corners this seperate team may cut for the final product.

Id rejoice if the wii u version ran as good or better than the 360 version, but I can pretty much guarantee it will not.
Vegeta trolls Frieza:
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