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Who should/will be the third party co-developer of Star Fox? (Poll)
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PedroMontana2412/25 9:03AM
Who's your favorite Mario character to play as, besides Mario?
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Bomber_Rocket3512/25 9:00AM
to what are installed games bound?Iemander412/25 8:53AM
Warm wishes to all of you, and your families.Relias27112/25 8:37AM
Rate my Wii U library!
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J_Cov2112/25 8:33AM
So, I passed up a Wii U this year for...King_of_Flan812/25 8:28AM
Calling it now, the Bayonetta Christmas surprise is a downloadable Santa costume
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CutthemacX1412/25 8:16AM
Why isnt Shantae and the Pirate's Curse for sale yet?VideoGameBlitz712/25 8:13AM
I'm gonna say this, I'm gonna get hated, we'll have a good laugh... (Hopefully)Matt-Moores212/25 8:13AM
Should I buy Monster Hunter 3U after playing the Wii version?RedAhmed812/25 7:32AM
Syncing wont work help ;-;cadcrafter512/25 7:31AM
If you could only have 3 Wii U games
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PackersXLV3312/25 7:28AM
Nintendo wants donut shaped screen, hole in the middle.
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Lefty128k17812/25 7:04AM
Would u buy a Birdo Amiibo to unlock Birdo in MK8? (Poll)Blouge112/25 6:53AM
Do you personally believe there will be a Daisy amiibo? (Poll)Michaeloll212/25 6:37AM
What platformer has the best controls?hushhushps4pony312/25 6:37AM
Got a second U from santa: sell or keep?jobvdphoenixX912/25 6:35AM
Is nintendo going to have a christmas sale?Murderstorm117612/25 6:16AM
Captain toad is great, I got it early from GAME.wiiU-Mark112/25 6:04AM
I consider NSMBU as the most underrated U game.
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jobvdpurge3912/25 6:04AM