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new wee u deluxe mario bundle game not workingNukSooAL212/25 2:51PM
So. Can we all accept the U is the best system?wiiU-Mark112/25 2:49PM
Does twilight princess adventure map just reuse the original Zelda map again?RPGMaster95412/25 2:47PM
I have a feeling Duck Hunt will be free on Christmas.
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b1gt0ne2612/25 2:41PM
to what are installed games bound?Iemander712/25 2:41PM
The U has better exclusives than the ps 3.
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jobvdphoenixX2012/25 2:40PM
Captain toad is great, I got it early from GAME.wiiU-Mark212/25 2:39PM
Nintendo begin lobbying for stricter IP and anti-piracy laws in US
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BaronVladz30112/25 2:37PM
Little Mac Available on Gamestops Website Now!
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Harlem-ville_761212/25 2:30PM
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2015: not many games, but still gems.tropicaltease312/25 2:03PM
Error Code 121-9999?Nova_Chrysalia312/25 1:59PM
Why is my brand new 32gb Wii u already almost out of memory?sleep1ngL3ss0ns612/25 1:58PM
Sonic and the Secret Rings Style Sonic Creator
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Infinity83781112/25 1:55PM
Is Darksiders 2 worth $8?gameplayer6458512/25 1:54PM
What compliments the Wii U best? (Poll)
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petpanic3712/25 1:52PM
Wii U - Crunchyroll comes to Wii Umariofan43ds112/25 1:52PM
Unbox dead WiiU. Merry Christmas.
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Zimmercat214812/25 1:51PM