Boycott Bayonetta 2..... Kamiya considers you to be trash

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Avirosb posted...
Classic zado19.

Who's zado19? Never heard of him till this topic.
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Ness0123456789 posted...
I already am.

It's fine if Developers disagree with their consumers, having a back and forth is healthy for any development team.

However, calling your consumers idiots, insulting your fans, and doing pretty much everything this nut job has done...Yeah, that's not a person, or team, I'd care to support, at all.

He insulted the a** holes who cried and starting sending him hate messages because bayonetta 2 was going to be wii U.
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Goombacrusher posted...
No, he considers you to be trash.

I don't constantly whine about games being on consoles I don't own

This guy gets it.
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IzanagiBlast posted...
EastCoastKody posted...
didn't u claim Bayonetta to be better than God of War?

Well it is.

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EastCoastKody posted...
didn't u claim Bayonetta to be better than God of War?

God of War is terrible, so yeah... Bayonetta is leagues above that crap.
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kuragari1anonly posted...
If that's the case, we should all just stop buying video games; most of these companies think the consumers are suckers anyway.

which is evident in the DLC abuse that we have in the game industry these days.
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zado19 posted...
you cant let these people openly insult you and then give them money for their games. Boycott them here and now so we can run them right out of the business.

enough is enough, you cant support people who dont even show you the slightest bit of respect

If he was insulting you, doesn't that mean you weren't planning to give him your money in the first place? It's not like you can double-boycott him.
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He tells his fans to F off because they keep asking him if Bayo is going to be in smash bros and that sets him off.
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stalemate_666 posted...
I'm not boycotting game per say but I won't be getting it on wiiu

I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but uhhhh Bayonetta 2 is coming out only on Wii U. Guess you're **** outta luck.
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The game is going to flop anyway.