we need a metroid other m sequel for wiiu

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2 years ago#11
The_Shadow_Link posted...
Could work.

Providing it fixes and retcons everything wrong and bad about the original and does it correct this time.

Though at that point I feel we should probably call the game something else.

Metroid: real M
2 years ago#12
fuzi11 posted...
Metroid: real M

Or Metroid: Other Other M :P
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2 years ago#13
I've always had the suspicion that Metroid Other M was bad because of the dub, which would mean the game isn't actually bad.
A bad dub destroys a story that with a good dub could be amazing.
I have only seen parts of the game though.

...This is the reason I don't want a dub in Zelda, another reason being that it having no voices makes it feel more like a fairy tale to me... That's another topic
2 years ago#14
If, at this point in time, Nintendo released a followup, reimagining, or straight up port of Other M, I'd officially be convinced that they were trying to kill the Wii U.

But alas, I'm aware that this is just a bait topic. Y'know there are smarter ways to get to 100 replies!
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2 years ago#15
2 years ago#16
I wanted to like Other M, but then I remembered I don't have mental retardation, therefore I simply can't enjoy it.
Gamefaqs users in one article:
2 years ago#17
I loved other M. I am angry at everyone else who complained so much that Nintendo stopped making Metroid.

Thanks a lot!
2 years ago#18
Other M needs to be buried as deeply as possible and then forgotten about, or at least get to a point where no one takes it any more seriously than people take the Zelda CDi games.
More villains need to be protagonists. BIS proves it can work.
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