If every Nintendo fan would just buy a couple of third party games...

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I have 17 Wii U games and 10 of them are third party: that's more than half of my collection.
As others have said, I think I've done my part.

The mistake that most third parties make is that the Wii U versions of their games are often half-assed. They usually have glitches, lack features or don't run as smoothly as they should. I have the PS3 version of "Epic Mickey 2" but I would have picked up the Wii U version if it didn't have frame rate problems and other other performance issues. On the flip side, I bought the Wii U version of "Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed" because of the Wii U exclusive features and it runs as well or better than other console versions (except the PC version of course) after the major update. Sega and Sumo Digital actually put some effort into the Wii U version.
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Third parties need to step their games up first, they are far from having Nintendo masterpiece quality.
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I think my WiiU collection is something like 70/30 Third parties/First party games. I've done my part. I also find it interesting that so have many others here.

Perhaps Nintendo fans aren't as stingy as people think. Perhaps there's not as many Nintendo fans as people think and its the others who have bought the Wii who aren't buying anything?
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Starwars4J posted...
I'm sorry what

You know, the friday after Thanksgiving. Gamestop had a sale on rayman legends. It was only $25. I bought it.

vattodev posted...
Tatsunoko vs Capcom was on the Wii and Street Fighter 4 is on the 3DS. I think Wii U didn't get SF4U just because it was selling pretty bad at that time.

Yes I know. I bought both tatsunoko vs capcom for wii u, and street fighter 4 for 3DS.
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