Why Nintendo gamers don't try new first-party Nintendo IPs.

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I'd argue that, at least in part, it comes from an erroneous belief among some fans that franchises outside Mario & Zelda (and possibly Animal Crossing & Pokemon) aren't worth even trying because they're not handled by EAD directly or Miyamoto wasn't involved in their inception. In fact, the number of times I've seen supposed Nintendo fans dismiss a new Nintendo IP because Miyamoto wasn't involved is shocking. Now, if they're more Miyamoto fans, that's fine, but he's not a developer anymore.

Digressing, part of that is Nintendo's over reliance on him for marketing purposes, although that has lessened somewhat in recent years. Still, games like Pikmin 3 and Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon were needlessly advertised using him when his involvement seems, to put it harshly, superficial, but his per-existing association with those series probably led to that. Put plainly, some fans seem to think Miyamoto is still a developer in the trenches, sketching out enemy designs and programming like it's 1983, when he's really the head of software for all of EAD and a board member.

Anyway, my distaste for the fawning worship of Miyamoto aside, when there are people who dismiss games purely and simply because they were not made by EAD and treat games by other first or third party studios or teams - even SPD games, who share the same building and, relatively, the same lengthy history - automatically as second class you have a problem.
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interesting thoughts
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I doubt there are more than a 1000 people who know what games Miyamoto's working. The amount of gamers that look up game news on websites is a minority. Most gamers know nothing about the company that made the game besides the publishers name