Was Wii U supposed to be a full blown portable console?

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2 years ago#1
I can't shake the feeling that it was always intended to be a portable, but they shoehorned it to be a full console because of the impending PS4 and Xbox One.

Is that way Nintendo seemed so unprepared for what's become a literal clusterf*** of 16 months?

After all, the Wii U sounds like it would be a portable "Wii" doesn't it?

I tried a Google search to see if there was anything to my reasoning, and I don't see anything, but that doesn't mean it's inherently false.

Your thoughts?
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2 years ago#2
Whoops *why Nintendo in the second sentence. Not way. No idea what happened there. >_>
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2 years ago#3
i doubt it since the 3ds came out just before the wii u why would they be trying to release 2 hand helds at the same time literally makes no sense.
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2 years ago#4
Kinda hard to imagine even if the gamepad itself was the whole console. It's far to big to carry that thing around with you, I'd hardly consider that "portable".
2 years ago#5
The Wii U was always intended to be a console. If they wanted to have made a powerful handheld for about US$350....they could have just done that - there was nothing stopping them.

The idea of shoehorning a handheld into a console is...just silly. When you design handheld hardware, it takes up a tiny amount of space and power. If you turned that into a console, it would not look like the Wii U. It would look more like the Wii or the slimmest PS2 model, or the smallest DVD player you've ever seen. We even have an example of a handheld crammed into a console to refer to: the Vita TV, a tiny machine that, with a DVD drive added, might be around as big as an old DiscMan - still a lot smaller than a Wii U.

The reason Nintendo seem so unprepared is that they made a lot of assumptions before releasing the Wii U that turned out to be wrong. It's not the sign of a company that has released a console that they never intended to release. It's the sign of a company that released exactly what they designed, and got very different results than they were expecting.
2 years ago#6
THere's a prototype photo of 2 wiimotes taped to a screen somewhere... if that's the real prototype that is... Sorry for the rumor/lack of citation... hahaha
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2 years ago#7
2 years ago#8
Eoin posted...
The idea of shoehorning a handheld into a console is...just silly.

Apparently the rest of the world agrees.
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2 years ago#9
It sort of can be, but wasn't meant to be.

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2 years ago#10
Yes. It was obvious from the first reveal of the Wii U that it was just a tablet. The overclocked Wii console was added to it later, when ninty realized that two competing portable consoles was not a good idea.
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