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Metroid Prime Trilogy issue
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Mystic201261/30 10:01AM
Peach needs to be playable in more Mario gamesBomber_Rocket31/30 9:36AM
I'm finally playing Harvest Moon Animal Parade.YoYoLeFtToRiTe21/30 9:32AM
Meta Knight amiibo?Trevor_Belmont31/30 9:32AM
How much do you think Hyrule Warriors is worth?
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MetalGearOnAcid571/30 9:21AM
Please Ninto. Stop it.
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Nikra191/30 9:03AM
Why do you like amiibos?
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Wildspark111/30 8:52AM
So did the Sega Nintendo partnership help either company?Bonksadventures91/30 8:52AM
what color r u gonna be in splatoon?
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PeePe_YellowRMX181/30 8:48AM
So much hype surrounding the metroid prime trilogycarljenk81/30 8:40AM
Why is Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze so difficult???
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Junpeiclover171/30 8:31AM
What's wrong with the Koopalings not being related to Bowser?
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Lemon_Master461/30 8:27AM
What's your Metroid Prime Trilogy control scheme?Legend05318061/30 8:22AM
I was so wrong about Steamworld Dig...
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sketchturner131/30 8:07AM
Metroid Prime Trilogy eShop version is the superior version by far.
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T3H_1337_N1NJ4171/30 8:02AM
How to buy Metroid Prime Trilogy?AnimalManBuddyB31/30 7:44AM
Why should 3DS be replaced before Wii U?spukc101/30 7:28AM
did the sonic boom patch do anything?snvndsho41/30 7:15AM
Would you consider metroid trilogy a must own?
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RetroPony121/30 7:12AM
Nintendo starting to reduce its first party games prices faster? Eshop MK8 $44TheFallenPriest61/30 7:06AM