Looking to get my Wii U pro controller working on PC

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I have read up a little bit on it using toshiba stack but are there specific ones that work with it that are not toshiba products but are still "compatible"?

I found this one but i was wondering if anyone knows if there is a good bluetooth dongle I should go with and anything else I should look into to get this working. Was trying to keep price down as much as i possibly could cause I am picking up an xbox 360 controller receiver as well.

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use this
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Does that work with the wii motion controller as well?
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Mavrick588 posted...

I got one of those great device well worth the money to avoid the headache (I did the bluetooth way before) it literally is 100% plug and play as windows 7 didn't even ask me for a driver, but I run it in xinput mode so it imitates a xbox 360 controller.

as for supporting a wii motion controller I highly doubt it as it makes the controller emulate a 360
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Thanks for the help