Another Metroid FPS

#21ajko000Posted 4/10/2014 6:16:31 PM
I'd buy it.

I hope they catch up with modern times and finally add dual joystick support though, at the very least motion controls, but I would prefer dual stick pew pew fun.

I can't tell you how annoying it is to see that game fall short because of a control option.
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#22Demon_AckerPosted 4/10/2014 6:20:40 PM
Another one for the list
#23Lil_Bit83Posted 4/10/2014 8:23:47 PM
Nope. wouldn't buy it
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#24middays_deepPosted 4/10/2014 8:34:38 PM
I don't even know how many versions of Xehanort there are anymore :(
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#25strongo9Posted 4/10/2014 8:41:34 PM
You're trying way too hard TC. That's some obvious bait.
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#26Dannyson97Posted 4/10/2014 8:44:56 PM
I've never actually played a 3D Metroid game, so yeah I'd give it a shot.
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