Name one unannounced game you want to see at E3

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User Info: trav3901

2 years ago#131
Gump_the_Great posted...
Majora's Mask for 3DS

No in HD on Wii U
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User Info: vanguard29

2 years ago#132
Kuyama-kun posted...
Fire Emblem that's not like Awakening.

add animal crossing, a new trauma game, metroid. any of those would make me a happy camper.
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User Info: afroboy25

2 years ago#133
Banjo Threeie
New Metroid prime
Snap u
Retro's new game
New advance wars
New megaman battle network
Strong bads coolgame for attractive people 2
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User Info: Mattatron42

2 years ago#134
A Fatal Fury game that isn't pachinko
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User Info: Nairodmatic

2 years ago#135
Resident Evil: The Fall of Umbrella.
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User Info: wingo84

2 years ago#136
30aught6 posted...
Shenmue 3

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User Info: McDude_

2 years ago#137
Fallout 4.

User Info: 1supersoniccat

2 years ago#138
I really love what they did with WWHD, but I'm gonna be needy and say that a Majoras Mask remake would be appreciated...'w'; Oh and a Pokemon Snap would be cute..anD POSSIBLY A FULL CHIBI ROBO TITLE?!

edit:and a Banjo Threeie kinda sorta maybe probably lotta
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