HBO on Wiiu?

#1Sasha_BrausPosted 4/20/2014 5:33:28 PM
Is there anyway to get HBO on the WiiU besides PlayOn, I already have Netflix, Hulu, and HBOGO and don't find it necessary to pay

$79.99 ($39.99 on sale) a year


$129.99($69.99 on sale) a One Time Fee for it.

I know the Wii U is for games..blah..blah..blah, but I'm waiting on Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, a new Metroid(Hopefully), Hyrule Warriiors and some other good new games to come out.

Sometimes I'd like to sit back and watch some HBO when I'm done playing the Wii though and I know it's the only of 5 consoles to not have the HBO GO app and I'd hate to get PlayOn just for Nintendo to announce their getting the app a little while later.

Please and Thank you in advance for your replies.
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