Please stop using historical trends for Mario Kart....

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2 years ago#61
Felix6464 posted...
So we can't use past trends to help predict how this game will sell? Genius! Now we can continue spouting baseless nonsense like this board usually does!
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2 years ago#62
So if success means profits in the context of this discussion, then does OP mean to imply that MKU will be a profitable failure? That the profitability of past MK titles is no indication that MKU will be profitable too?

No, OP was talking about sales.
This whole thread has been about sales except when OP steered it towards profitability in order to cover his point.

I never once said it wasn't about sales; however the point was whether FFXI did well and mokmuud said it did not do well, not that it did not sell well. As I stated, it is hard to give sales numbers as there are none readily available for all systems launched outside of lolvgChartz. How can I be covering a point I never once made? Mokmuud made a point it did not do well, which is obviously not the case.

And Squatch if sales = success on this board, then almost everything on the Wii U is a flop then as only five games have sold over a million, all of which at some point were bundled with the system.
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2 years ago#63
Just pointing out right now that, using my excellent skills deducted from similar sources as yours, approximately 0 people actually bought Mario Kart Wii for the wiimote gimmick.
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2 years ago#64
Mario Kart will assuredly move some consoles. However, anyone expecting WiiUs to just start continuously selling into the stratosphere will be sorely disappointed. I would predict a bump of a million sales tops. Really, its just too late for this console to do anything substantial, and even Nintendo seems to realize this as they're just letting it float along out there with barely any actual support.
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2 years ago#65
MK8 will sell well... but not extraordinarily well. No 30 Millions or the like this time. 10 Million may be possible in it's whole life-span. I guess...
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2 years ago#66
Woe this board is hopeless.
2 years ago#67
This topic is hopeless, why isn't it deleted.
2 years ago#68
DroneHunter posted...
This topic is hopeless, why isn't it deleted.

Thought you were leaving? Lol
2 years ago#69
DroneHunter posted...
This topic is hopeless, why isn't it deleted.

Literally bumped the topic. Twice.
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