What New Games Do You Think Nintendo Will Announce At E3?

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It's pitiful how trolls don't know what the word "rehash" really means.

No he's actually right
Garbage rehashed classics

Classics are garbage now? Wut.

Don't bother communicating with him. It's like talking to a brick wall. Actually, a brick wall is probably smarter.

Why? Because I'm not a sheep and didn't buy the last 28 Mario's?

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Nintendo could announce nothing and still be the greatest presentation.
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#43AguacatonPosted 4/22/2014 11:07:48 AM
new games, i think that would be: F-zero U, Metroid U, Zelda U, Star Fox U.
but i believe they will announce a game with another company, something new to Nintendo.

beside this, i just want that we get port of the game the division and Destiny and a No More Heroes announcement.
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Nothing new. Footage from announced games... MAYBE Metroid but doubt and footage.

Nintendo hate the Wii U.

I'd expect LOADS of 3DS stuff though... INFACT, I bet the next metroid is 3DS
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