Why did Nintendo make the 3DS's game library better than the Wii U's?

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The 3DS is in its fourth year.

3rd, the system came out in 2011

2011 = first
2012 = second
2013 = third
2014 = fourth (just started)

Or are you suggesting 2011 was the 0th year?
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I think part of the reason the 3DS is doing better is because 3rd parties actually develop for it. We've gotten some good stuff, like RE: Revelations and Bravely Default.

The 3DS is also in a good position in terms of competition. It's only competing with the Vita, which unfortunately has had it pretty rough. Devs are willing to use the less powerful handheld since it's got a larger user base.

The Wii U is in the opposite position. The PS4 and X1 are selling faster than it at this point, and it's less powerful. The logical choices for devs are Nintendo's competitors, unless their game really needs a Gamepad to work (Which doesn't apply to many games).