Why does europe get the mk8 special edition and all we get is

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Maybe because Nintendo doesnt do well in Europe so has to entice gamers to buy the Wii U and the MK8 special edition? *shrugs* I dont know. Even the NA Club Nintendo items arent as great as everywhere else. Blame Nintendo of America maybe?

I thought that was just England? That is what I hate about all the anti-Nintendo trolls when they point of bad sales they just use England. Aside from the fact that England is a tiny fraction of the market to begin with, Nintendo for whatever reason as always done poorly there regardless of the system. So it isn't exactly much of a benchmark to go by. It would be like saying the X1 is a failure because it is selling bad in Japan.
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Key chains and gas?


At target, i'm pretty sure they have started selling them already with the reservation cards
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