What free MK8 extra game should I get? (NA)

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User Info: Radbot42

2 years ago#1
I own Mario Wii U
Borrowed Pikmin 3 and finished it
Beat Wind Waker in college
and could care less about a party game when Mario Kart will be the main party game we play until Smash comes out.
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User Info: b1gt0ne

2 years ago#2
Man up, brah

User Info: MarioGamer12345

2 years ago#3
Hard Choice.
None of your choices are that good.

User Info: DeviousLight

2 years ago#4
Windwaker, My favorite Zelda game that i've replayed over 100 times
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User Info: tav19

2 years ago#5
Wind Waker HD as I haven't played it in 10 years and I already have NSMBU. Also I have no interest in Pikmin 3 or Wii Party U what so ever. Now if NA had been given the same game options as EU then I would probably go with Sonic Lost World.

User Info: SuigintouEV

2 years ago#6
Wind Waker HD. The updated soundtrack, graphics, controls make it hella worth it.
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User Info: Aguacaton

2 years ago#7
i'm still undecided about pikmin 3 and Zelda wind waker. i did have zelda on the GameCube but man, it is a great game! and Pikmin on the other side, well. there you have it, stil undecided.
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User Info: LunarRoar

2 years ago#8
I gonna get Wii Party U, just because I already own the other games they're offering.

User Info: esoterika

2 years ago#9
I can't decide either, I own the Mario game already. I don't really have any experience with Pikmin games and I don't typically have people over gaming with me often.. so probably Zelda?

User Info: dizanimator

2 years ago#10
I plan to get Pikmin 3, as I have the Windwaker Wii U. It seems better for me than New Super Mario Brothers U or a party game. Two games for the price of one, even if one must be digital, seems pretty nice to me. I wonder if it counts as a purchase for the digital promotion so I could get a few dollars back in the eShop?
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