Name one recent Nintendo game that doesn't hold your hand.

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arvilino posted...
Paper Mario: Sticker Star

That's no hand holding done completely wrong and a bad game. Good soundtrack though.

If I want to beat the boss my own way, don't tell me do beat it a specific way, if I'm lost in a jungle and need help, don't tell me that "humid is hot for paper", do not make the final battle trial-and-error.
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well it is not just Nintendo. Platinum/Nintendo.
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Kid Icarus: Uprising

While 2.0-5.0 could be a nice stroll through the levels... 8.0-9.0 could really kick your ass, but they're satisfying to beat at the difficulty

Also, with most of the hints being hidden in (usually) entertaining dialouge, it doesn't feel like handholding
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