Nintendo posts $228m loss, predicts just 3.6m Wii Us shipped in FY2014/15

#1Tic TacPosted 5/7/2014 12:30:58 AM

Operating loss 46.4bn Yen ($454m), Net loss 23.2bn Yen ($228m).

Wii U at 6.17m shipped, forecast of 3.6m for the coming year. Q4 shipment of 0.31m.

Software at 32.28m, forecast of 20m for the coming year.

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Go away troll. Take this elsewhere. I don't believe you or that. Also, welcome to ignore list
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Trolls and hater better get in their giggles before it's too late.
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jason19192 posted...
damn nintendo failboys can't take the truth

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learn what suble trolling is , derp.
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Oh well
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Please understand

Mario kart
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Don't worry guys, 'Kart and 'Smash will save the day.
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