The Wii U has sold, not shipped, 6.17 million consoles

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Who care if they are sold or shipped!? The point is that they are abysmal! Nintendo sold only 2.7 million Wii Us in the past WHOLE year! Compare that to the sales of competing consoles you will see how terrible they are.
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Christopher Belmont posted...
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It says "SALES" right above the figure dude. >.>

And? All it is is the numbers Nintendo released. Just because Nintendolife didn't articulate on the number doesn't mean all the sudden it means sold to consumers.


AND the words "SALES" and "SHIPPED" are two different words. I know this must be difficult...

It's the numbers produced from Nintendo themselves. Nothing more. If you honestly think Wii U has sold two million to consumers in EU you are delusional. It's only sold roughly 4 million in NA and Japan.
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You can tell it is shipped numbers based off media create numbers. According to it, 1.71 mil have been sold to consumers in Japan, and the article says 1.81 mil have been sold. So they have 100k shipped added into that figure.
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Christopher Belmont posted...
It says "SALES" right above the figure dude. >.>

Yes, that is "sales" to retailers. They have "sold" 6.17 million to retailers, but the actual number of consoles in consumers hands is less. Even if they sold through that many units, it's a bad number. But they didn't, which makes it awful.
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