On a scale of 1-10, how much do you care about the story in a game?

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Depends entirely on the game and what its trying to be. 999 is not the same as Mario Galaxy, and neither game is trying to be the other.
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Video game stories tend to suck or at best just manage to be tolerable.
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:( Cite any genre you want, then.
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Thaxagoodname posted...
:( Cite any genre you want, then.

I hope these people didn't make you sad, they were actually really rude over a valid question.

To me, story comes last in a game. First and foremost I want to have FUN with a game. The concept has to be a fun one. It has to have good controls and introduce new things to do in order to keep my attention.

From there, the story, graphics, and music are all icing on the cake.
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8 very important, but i'll survive if it's poor or if there is none.
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fon1988 posted...
I hope these people didn't make you sad, they were actually really rude over a valid question.
No they weren't?
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It really depends on the game. If I'm playing an RPG or a visual novel game like Phoenix Wright then the story is important. If I'm playing a platformer or a game like Cooking Mama then I couldn't care less.
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KyoReiseTaisen posted...


Can you people STOP being this freaking dense?!

For RPGs, if the story is crap, why did you even bother making the game?

For Action, just have an interesting cast and story.

For god sake, no. RPG is not about story telling, its about gameplay mechanic. when i started playing ultima, and FF back in 80's, the story line were as generic as pac man storyline. did i hate them?no i didnt, infact i adore them. the gameplay is what pulls me in.

and it goes the same way now as well, of course there are some RPG that have a good story, but most of them dont, and what counts is the gameplay. the mechanic.

Gaming are for us to play more than for us to watch and see. games like MGS4 were heavily critisize because they put more features on the story telling/line rather than ultimatum forcus on the gameplay accessibility.
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Not trying to be rude but I'm not surprise that on the Nintendo board most people are saying 5 or less...

I'd give it a 7 or so personally, though a good 4 or so points depend on the dialogue itself rather than the actual story.
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Puckswack12 posted...
It depends on the game, man.

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