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Do you feel insulted when games (or other media) contains vulgarity or smut?
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selfdeztruction13611/22 2:17AM
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Smash at 95 meta. Best holiday title confirmed
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smallhorse6662011/22 12:28AM
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if you system transfer wii to wii u, can you redownload the games on wii?RadiantSword311/21 11:25PM
5.3.0 broke Wii Us
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CharadeSmith2711/21 11:24PM
I need some map help with Aria of Sorrow.Gogo726511/21 10:50PM
Is Wario Land dead?
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theFAKEsheridan1211/21 10:35PM
8 player is too crayIcyFlamez96611/21 10:08PM
Best Buy black Friday deal
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TommyG6635131211/21 10:00PM
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Watch Dogs Wii U vs Watch Dogs XboxOnebigjnyc211/21 9:42PM
Will Nintendo patch use of the Gamecube Controller Adapter in other games?wake_me_420711/21 9:40PM
Only vote if you like the art style in Kirby's Epic Yarn (Poll)
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thatdude2274211/21 9:37PM